Our Story

An extension of The Freshman Fun Box™️ brand.
Pride in the culture, pride in excellence, pride in education.

When there's a vision, there's movement. People need something they can relate to ... something that makes a difference. Founded in 2019, we started as an entity that offered clothing items in The HBCU Box and realized what we had was so much more.

How do we honor black culture uniquely? Our t-shirts are of the highest quality, with designs that represent the empowerment of attending an HBCU, celebrating its culture, and being aware of what it means to truly love being black - unapologetically.
While our designs are worn by all races and nationalities, our goal is to immerse ourselves in the culture - all day, everyday. From every corner of the world, let's celebrate YOU.

"I wanted to do something that made an impact beyond our boxes ... something that gave ALL people a sense of pride, not just students. We're not just a vibe ... I'm HBCU®️ is an experience." ~ Creator and Founder Peachi Williams